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Ayurveda (ayur = life + veda = wisdom), the ancient Indian science of healing and rejuvenation is a preventive and holistic system of natural medicine. It aims to maintain a balanced state of inner harmony, health and natural wellbeing of human body through the use of natural herbs, roots, minerals and editation. It is the oldest medical science and the most comprehensive spiritual teaching known to man. According to Ayurvedic principles, Vata* Pitta* Kaph* also known as Tri Dosha* are the bio-energetic forces of our body, that govern all the functions of body, mind and consciousness. 

Vata* is the principle governing the kinetic energy of our body, which operates through our nerves and cells. It controls all movement of our body and organs. It helps maintain our immune system. It is the force that allows our heart to beat and our lungs to breathe.

Pitta* helps digest our foods. It is the force that is vital to the formation of our thoughts and growth of our intellect. It stimulates our mental abilities. It builds our concentration and will power. It is the source of our creativity. 

Kaph* is known as the force of formation. It forms the individual cells as well as the skeletal structure of our body. It gives us strength, stability and flexibility. It creates harmony in our mental and physical strength. It confines the other bio-energetic forces Vata and Pitta within their natural limit.

Tri Dosha* in balance, sustain good health and mental stability. If out of balance, they cause bad health and a disturbed state of mind. All elements of TriDosha, are equally important and must work together as a team in our body. Their interplay with one another decide our physical and mental well-being.

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